Vanpool Program

Grant Transit Authority’s Vanpool Program is for groups of three to twelve riders who share the same commute in Grant County. The cost of the van is determined by the size of the van provided. Payment divisions are determined by the members of the vanpool group but can be divided by the number of riders in the group.

For more information on Grant Transit Authority’s Vanpool Program, please contact the Vanpool Coordinator, Brandy Heston at 509-765-0898 Ext. 124 or brandyh@granttransit.com.

ACCESS Program

The ACCESS Program is a service provided by Grant Transit Authority to eligible individuals whose conditions and/or disabilities make it impossible for them to use Grant Transit Authority’s fixed-route service. ACCESS is a shared ride, curb-to-curb service, and travel time is required to be like that of the fixed-route bus. Grant Transit Authority currently contracts with People for People to provide all paratransit services. Grant Transit Authority and People for People have been working together for years to be able to provide safe and reliable transportation to the citizens of Grant County.

To request an application for, or additional information regarding, ACCESS Service, please contact the ACCESS Program Coordinator, Saira Martinez at 509-765-0898 ext. 123 or toll-free at 800-406-9177. You can also request additional information via e-mail at sairam@granttransit.com.

Bikes on Buses

Grant Transit Authority allows riders to utilize the bike racks on a first-come basis. Bikes can be loaded and unloaded at any GTA bus stop. Bikes are NOT allowed inside buses. Riders are responsible for loading and unloading their own bikes. GTA is not responsible for any damages incurred to or caused by bicycles on GTA property. No motorized bikes are allowed.


DART (Dial-A-Ride Transportation) service is a shared ride transportation option for all persons in Wilson Creek, Royal City, Mattawa and the Grand Coulee areas. The general public may use it for trips that are not served by a regular fixed route bus. To schedule a ride, please dial (509) 765-0898 ext. 101.

Moses Lake, Wilson Creek, Mattawa, Ephrata, Soap Lake,
Coulee City, Electric City, Royal City, and Grand Coulee. For more information, click the link below.

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Park & Ride Lots

Grant Transit Authority serves these Park & Ride lots with the following routes:

- Randolph & Highway 17: Route 20
- George Park & Ride: Route 40
- GTA Multimodal Transit Center w/ two electric vehicle chargers: Routes 10, 12, 13, 14, 30

Intermodal Connections

  • Grant Transit Authority connects with AMTRAK and Trailways in Ephrata and Quincy with Routes 20, 21, 22 and 40.
  • Grant Transit Authority also connects with Greyhound with Routes 12 & 30.
  • Connections can be made on Route 10 to the Grant County Airport.
  • People For People picks up in Bay 3 at the Multimodal Transit Center for riders to make connections to Wenatchee, Othello, and Tri-Cities. https://mypfp.org/services/transportation/
  • Connections are made with WSDOT Apple Line in Quincy and George. For more information on the Apple Line, please visit https://appleline.us

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